Chasuble “corinth” maranatha lab

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Chasuble “Corinth” Maranatha Lab in micromonastic fabric decorated with direct embroidery of the Chi-Rho, Alpha and Omega symbols. Made in Italy fine and quality packaging.

Chasuble “Corinth” Maranatha Lab (art. 4423 / b)

The chasuble “ Corinth “by Maranatha Lab is one liturgical vestment packed in a soft micromonastic fabric .

Micromonastic tissue is one synthetic fiber soft, soft to the touch and light, suitable for making liturgical vestments.

The chasuble, from classic cut large and rounded , is embellished with a direct embroidery in gold and silver symbols Alpha and Omega and the monogram Chi-Rho .

The neckline is round and makes the chasuble refined in its simplicity. The classic cut and the softness of the fabric give the chasuble a flowing and comfortable fit.

Due to its elegance and sobriety the chasuble is suitable for both ordinary liturgies than to those solemn celebrated in both classic and modern contexts.

The “Corinto” chasuble is a customized package of high liturgical craftsmanship produced in Italy by Maranatha Lab, Italian laboratory of liturgical tailoring where originality, quality of raw materials and craftsmanship excellence give life to hand-made sacred vestments of the highest quality.

Maranatha Lab is the result of a combination of tradition of craftsmanship and innovation in design, as well as a place of synergies and creative collaborations .

The chasubles manufactured by Maranatha Lab all have the singularity of being identified with biblical names.

In Corinth the Apostle Paul carried out a great and important work of evangelization.

This is one handcrafted and tailored packaging of value and quality made in Italy.

The chasuble is available in liturgical colors: white, red, green, purple.

Standard size:

  • Width cm 180
  • Length 135 cm


  • micromonastic fabric
  • direct embroidery
  • standard size
  • made in Italy