Casula “patris” maranatha lab

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Casula “Patris” Maranatha Lab in pure wool with a classic cut embellished with direct embroidery on the round neck and stolon. Fine packaging and quality made in Italy

Casula “Patris” Maranatha Lab (art. 6550)

MaranathaLab’s “Patris” casula is a precious stolon casula packaged in a fresh wool fabric.

ThefabricFresh Wool is a medium to light weight woolen fabric that is made from multi-ply merino worstedyarns. It has a uniform, granular, porous and resistant surface and one of its main characteristics is that it does not crease. Cool wool is soft and light, opaque and restful to the eye.

The casula, with a wide and round classiccut, is embellished with a refined direct embroidery of stylized crosses in gold on the manto that creates a stolon pattern. The same embroidery is repeated on the elegant round neck.

A delicate gold agremano finishes and borders the liturgical garment.

Due to its elegance and sobriety, the casula is suitable for solemn celebrations in both classical and modern liturgical contexts.

The “Patris” casula is a personalized package of high liturgical craftsmanship produced in Italy by Maranatha Lab, an Italian laboratory of liturgical tailoring where originality, quality of raw materials and craftsmanship give life to sacred vestments handmade of the highest quality.

Maranatha Lab is a liturgical laboratory Lucan. It is the result of a union between the traditional heritage of artisan techniques and design innovation; Maranatha Lab is also a place of artistic and creative synergies and collaborations .

The chasubles manufactured by Maranatha Lab all have the singularity of being identified with custom names.

This is one handcrafted and tailored packaging of value and quality made in Italy.

The chasuble is available in liturgical colors: white, red, green, purple.

Standard size:

  • Width cm 180
  • Length 135 cm


  • cool wool fabric
  • embroidered stolon
  • embroidered collar
  • made in Italy