A wide selection of chasubles with different fabrics and embroideries:

Direct embroidery chasubles
Cchasubles in selected fabrics with floral and liturgical embroidery made directly on the mantle of the chasuble..

Chasubles with stolon
Cchasubles made of wool and silk blends with embroidery on a satin or moelle stole.

Silk cases
Silk chasubles with lurex silk chevron and gold embroidery. The silks are selected from the finest Italian weavers and the embroideries are made using traditional techniques and first choice yarns.

Marian chasubles
Marian chasubles made of selected fabrics on which Marian symbols are embroidered.

Hand-embroidered chasubles
Precious chasubles on which the embroidery is carried out by the expert hands of Italian embroiderers capable of combining the art of embroidery and liturgical symbolism. Strictly handmade in Italy.

Striped Chasubles
Striped chasubles, made with silk, wool and lurex yarns on which the embroidery is woven directly.

Solemn chasubles
Csolemn liturgical chasubles, chasubles with an embroidered stole and made of precious fabrics. Solemn liturgical chasubles.

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