Chasuble “malachi” maranatha lab

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Chasuble “Malachi” Maranatha Lab with a classic cut in micromonastic fabric with embroidered chevron with geometric motifs. Made in Italy tailored packaging

Chasuble “Malachi” Maranatha Lab (art. 4767 / A)

The “Malachi” chasuble of Maranatha Lab is one liturgical vestment packaged in a fabric micromonastic .

The micromonastic is one synthetic fiber soft, soft to the touch and light, suitable for the tailoring of liturgical vestments.

The chasuble, from classic cut large and rounded, it is embellished with a chevron embroidered in gold with classic geometric patterns . A delicate golden agremano finishes the entire edge of the dress.

The round neckline makes the chasuble refined in its essential simplicity. The classic cut and the softness of the fabric make the chasuble flowing and comfortable and also gives it an elegant tone, suitable for liturgical celebrations in both classic and modern contexts.

The chasuble “Malachi” is a confection personalized high liturgical crafts made in Italy by Maranatha Lab, Italian laboratory of liturgical tailoring where originality, quality of raw materials and craftsmanship excellence give life to hand-made sacred vestments of the highest quality.

The chasubles manufactured by Maranatha Lab all have the singularity of being identified with biblical names.

Malachi was the last of the prophets of Old Testament , called the “seal of the prophets”. The voice of the prophet Malachi denounces the exterior without real interest. He invites the faithful to know how to wait for the encounter with the Lord. The book ends with an eschatological vision that announces the coming of a messenger of the Lord who will discern the wicked from the faithful.

This is one handcrafted and tailored packaging of value and quality made in Italy.

The chasuble is available in liturgical colors: white, pink, red, green, purple.

Standard size:

  • Width cm 180
  • Length 135 cm


  • micromonastic fabric
  • round neckline
  • embroidered chevron
  • standard size
  • made in Italy