Chasuble “emmaus” maranatha lab

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Chasuble “Emmaus” Maranatha Lab classic cut in viscose wool with gold embroidered lurex silk stole. Made in Italy tailored packaging.


Chasuble “Emmaus” Maranatha Lab (art. 6668)

The “Emmaus” chasuble by Maranatha Lab is an elegant chasuble from gothic cut packaged in a soft fabric of viscose wool.

Unlike wool, viscose is an artificial fiber. Also called “ artificial silk “ , as it is obtained through a chemical process that allows to obtain a soft texture without the need to use silkworms. Like silk, it creates fluid and natural drapes.

An excellent quality viscose will look like a cotton, soft and delicate with a fluid and soft drapery. It is an easy-to-maintain fabric, which does not shrink after washing in water but which needs a good post-wash ironingto regain its original aspect of softness and fluidity. Viscose is an ideal fabric for making garments withsoft and flowing lines, characteristic of priestly chasubles. Made by hand you can make changes on request.

The chasuble is decorated by one stolon in silk with direct embroidery with gothic collar decorated with a motif of ears.

A delicate agremano finishes the edge of the chasuble.

The “Emmaus” chasuble is one customized packaging high liturgical crafts made in Italy by Maranatha Lab , an Italian laboratory of liturgical tailoring where originality, quality of raw materials and craftsmanship excellence give life to hand-made sacred vestments of the highest quality.

The garments made by Maranatha Lab all have the singularity of being identified with biblical names or evangelical scenes.

The chasuble is available in the four liturgical colors: white, green, red, purple. on request also other liturgical colors.

This is one tailored packaging of value and quality made in Italy.

Standard size:

  • Width cm 180
  • Length 135 cm


  • viscose wool fabric
  • direct embroidery
  • standard size
  • available in the four liturgical colors
  • made in Italy


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