Tub “battista” maranatha lab

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Maranatha Lab “Baptist” tub in engraved copper brass and top of the lid decorated with effigy of the Baptist. Valuable item and quality made in Italy

Maranatha Lab “Baptist” bathtub (art.6286)

Maranatha Lab’s “Baptist”tub is a baptismal table font in copperybrass.

The baptismal font is a bathtub, present in baptisters or churches, functional to the celebration of the rite of baptism,which can take place by infusion of water on the head (more widespread form in Roman ritechurches) or by immersion.

The baptismal font aimed at the infusion of water normally consists of a tank to which a pedestal supports, on which, by means of a support, it rests. It can be closed by a roof on which decorations and sculptures are often found. The shape is variable, based on symbology.

The Battista bathtub is a canteen tub made of copper-finished brass. The tank has the peculiarity of being entirely worked with engravings that make the surface three-dimensional. It has a devased shape and is supported by a turned base.

The lid has a double three-dimensional workmanship and is surmounted by a gilded brass statue of John the Baptist.

The “Battista”tank is a personalized artifact of high liturgical craftsmanship produced in Italy by Maranatha Lab, an Italian laboratory of sacred vestments and liturgical furnishings in which originality, quality of raw materials and craftsmanship excellence give life to handmade objects and packages of the highest quality.

Maranatha Lab is a liturgical laboratory Lucanian, the result of a combination of traditional heritage of craft techniques and design innovation, as well as a place of synergies and artistic and creative collaborations .

This is an artisan product of quality and quality made in Italy.

Maranatha Lab liturgy accessories all have the singularity of being identified with custom names.


  • diameter tub cm 40


  • copper brass
  • recorded
  • modern style
  • Statue of the Baptist
  • made in Italy