Pastoral “olive tree” maranatha lab

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Pastoral “Olive” Maranatha Lab in hammered brass decorated with olive branches, embellished with a diasper. Valuable item and quality made in Italy


Pastoral “Olive Tree” Maranatha Lab (art.2798)

MaranathaLab’s pastoral ” Olive Tree ” is a precious episcopal sign made of silver-finished brass.

The pastoral (or vincastro)is, together with the pectoralcross, mitria andring,one of the episcopal insignia. It is worn by the Pope, cardinals, archbishops and bishops, but also by abbots and some prelates and canons.

The pastoral is a symbolic stick, curved and often richly decorated, used by the bishop in the most solemn pontificals and ceremonies.

It symbolically represents episcopal dignity and authority.

The pastoral “Olive Tree” has a hammered workmanship and the curved part is decorated with olive branches finely made in cantilevered.

The knot is decorated with an ellipsodial-shaped deep red diaspro. Diaspro is a semi-precious stone belonging to the quartz group.

The pastoralOliveTree ” is a personalized artifact of high liturgical craftsmanship produced in Italy by Maranatha Lab, an Italian laboratory of sacred vestments and liturgical furnishings in which originality, quality of raw materials and craftsmanship excellence give life to handmade objects and packages of the highest quality.

Maranatha Lab is a liturgical laboratory Lucanian, the result of a combination of traditional heritage of craft techniques and design innovation, as well as a place of synergies and artistic and creative collaborations .

Maranatha Lab’s episcopal articles all have the singularity of being identified with custom names.

This is an artisan product of quality and quality made in Italy.


  • silver-plated brass
  • hammered brass
  • knot with diaspro
  • made in Italy


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