Madonna of Pompeii in fiberglass (art. 5270)

The Madonna of Pompeii in fiberglass is a hand-painted Marian statue with oil paints.

Fiberglass is a type of glass fiber reinforced plastic that hardens after processing. The plastic material is spread on a mold, the design is copied and in this way it is possible to create artifacts of various sizes, thicknesses, strength, solidity, weight, color (pigmenting the resins).

Fiberglass is very suitable for the construction of objects exposed to atmospheric agents and for its excellent qualities of lightness, solidity and resistance it is suitable for the realization of statues because, being hollow inside, they are light facilitating their transport during processions.

The statue represents the Virgin with a pinkish dress and the white mantle and the Baby in her arms; it is sober and refined and suitable for any liturgical context.

The statue is hand-painted with oil paints and has the particularity of having crystal eyes, a material that makes them very bright and plausible.

Fiberglass, in addition to the qualities of resistance and lightness, allows you to work with care the details for which face, hair, coat are finely detailed.

All the sacred statues of the Sollazzo Maranatha store of sacred furnishings and liturgical vestments are entirely handmade in Italy by artisan companies specialized in the creation of liturgical furnishings.

This is an artisan product of quality and quality made in Italy.


  • height cm 160


  • fibreglass
  • oil painted
  • crystal eyes
  • made in Italy