Dalmatica “stefano” maranatha lab

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Dalmatica “Stefano” Maranatha Lab made of light fabric with chevron embroidered in gold with classic motifs. Made in Italy tailored packaging

Dalmatica “Stefano” Maranatha Lab (art.4766 / d)

There dalmatic “Stefano” Maranatha Lab is a hand-made sacred vestment in a soft light fabric .

The light fabric is one synthetic fiber characterized by the presence of a laminated thread which gives a very bright effect to the mantle; is a soft fabric, soft to the touch and light, suitable for the making of flowing and soft liturgical garments.

The dalmatic has a round neck and is embellished with a chevron embroidered in gold that decorates the dress on the two vertical clubs and the edge of the sleeves.

The preciousness of liturgical head make it suitable for solemn celebrations.

The dalmatic “Stefano” is a confection personalized of high liturgical craftsmanship produced in Italy by Maranatha Lab, Italian laboratory of liturgical tailoring where originality, quality of raw materials and craftsmanship excellence give life to hand-made sacred vestments of the highest quality.

The liturgical vestments made by Maranatha Lab all have the singularity of being identified with biblical names or evangelicals or linked to symbols of the Christian tradition.

Stephen was the first of the seven deacons chosen by the Christian community to help the apostles in the ministry of faith. He was the proto-martyr, that is, the first Christian to have given his life to bear witness to his faith in Christ and to spread the Gospel.

This is one handcrafted and tailored packaging of value and quality made in Italy.

The chasuble is available in liturgical colors: white, pink, red, green, purple.

Standard size:

  • Length 130 cm


  • light fabric
  • embroidered chevron
  • standard size
  • made in Italy