Cruets in plateresque style

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Cruets in Plateresque style entirely made of silver-plated brass. Fine work of hand engraving and blue enameled cabochons

Cruets in Plateresque style (art.6155 / a)

Cruets in Plateresque style are a precious set made entirely of silver-plated brass .

Plateresque is an artistic style that flourished in Spain in the 15th and 16th centuries. It is a very ornate architectural style composed in imitation of silverware works (in Spanish plata ), from which the name of Plateresque comes.

Finished in a silver bath, they have the upper part in crystal and the lower part with a profile rich in moldings and a richly decorated surface with a fine hand engraving work.

Both the cruets and the tray are embellished with cabochons enameled in blue.

There chiseling it is performed both on the cruets and on the tray.

The set of cruets, for its sumptuousness and elegance, is well suited to classic tables and solemn liturgical celebrations.

Handmade by the skilled master craftsmen of Molina. The cruet set belongs to the collection Sacred Artesania , the highest line of artistic production of the Spanish art workshop.

The set of cruets is coordinated with the glass art. 6155 and to the pyx art. 6155 / p

Dimensions: tray 23 cm x 17 cm, cruets height 19 cm


  • silver-plated brass
  • chiseled by hand
  • enameled cabochons
  • from Spain
  • coordinated with the glass art. 6155
  • coordinated with the pyx art.6155 / p