Glass “ester” maranatha lab

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Glass “Ester” Maranatha Lab plateresco style in silver with gold cup interior entirely chiseled by hand. Valuable item and quality made in Italy

Chalice “Ester” Maranatha Lab (art. 2268)

Maranatha Lab’s “Ester” goblet is a precious two-tone silver goblet made in plateresque style.

Plateresque is an artistic style that flourished in Spain in the 15th and 16th centuries. It is an architectural style very ornate and composed in imitation of the works of silverware (in
Spanish plata),
from which comes the name of plateresco.

The glass, with a slender line, is rich in hand-engraved decorations. It has a glossy golden finish cup. The lower half-cup is richly decorated with a chisel of natural friezes.

Chiseling is a process that is generally performed on precious metals and consists in the cold plastic deformation of the metal performed with the chisel. It produces a relief workmanship, made with engravings and changes.

The refined friezes also decorate the polylobate base and hexagonal globe handle. The silver finish of the decorative friezes gives the glass a refined and elegant style that makes it suitable for canteens of any style, be they classic or modern.

The chalice, for its sumptuousness and elegance, is well suited to solemn liturgical celebrations and can be counted among the bishop’s goblets.

The “Ester” glass is a personalized object of high liturgical craftsmanship produced in Italy by Maranatha Lab, an Italian laboratory of sacred vestments and liturgical furnishings in which originality, quality of raw materials and craftsmanship excellence give life to handmade objects and packages of the highest quality.

Maranatha Lab is a liturgical laboratory Lucanian, the result of a combination of traditional heritage of craft techniques and design innovation, as well as a place of synergies and artistic and creative collaborations .

Maranatha Lab’s sacred silvers all have the singularity of being identified with custom names.

This is an artisan product of quality and quality made in Italy.


  • height cm 24


  • silver
  • stile plateresco
  • chiseled by hand
  • made in Italy