Casula gothic cut “essence”

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Gothic cut casula “Essence” in pure silk embellished with neck and stolon entirely embroidered with beads. Fine packaging and quality made in Italy

Casula Gothic cut “Essence” (art. 4590)

The Gothic cut casula “Essence” is a precious priestly casula packaged in a soft fabric of pure silk.

The priestly robe is decorated with a stolon, applied to the “V” manto and neckline, embellished with a rich gold embroidery with floral motifs studded with beads.

The Gothic cut of the casula gives the robe an elegant and solemn tone. The Gothic casula Essenza is therefore suitable for solemn liturgical celebrations celebrated in both classical and modern contexts.

The casula “Essence ” isone of the liturgical robes of Sollazzo Maranatha; it is a personalized package of high liturgical craftsmanship produced in Italy by liturgical tailoring workshops where originality, quality of raw materials and craftsmanship excellence give life to sacred vestments handmade of the highest quality.

The tailoring workshops that package the casules of the Sollazzo Maranatha store are the result of a skilful combination of traditional heritage of artisan techniques and design innovation. The workshops are also the place of synergies and artistic and creativecollaborations.

This is one handcrafted and tailored packaging of value and quality made in Italy.

The casula is available in liturgical color: gold

Standard size:

  • Width cm 180
  • Length 135 cm


  • silk fabric
  • embroidered stolon
  • gothic cut
  • standard size
  • made in Italy


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